Validation Cards

for Early Childhood Educators

I met you at the conference and I like what you said.


My thanks to the teachers and learners, presenters and audiences, colleagues and new acquaintances who shared
“what feels good” about my profession at the Early Childhood Educators conference in May.

Your stories, your exuberance and your desire to make a difference in the lives of children was joyful to hear.

Ours is the gift of giving.


Conference video share




“…why Validation Cards matter in my practice.”
Click to hear how easy appreciation can be.

Thank you Dawn for taking the time to share your Validation Card story.


52 artistic cards with messages that say, “you are important”. MOtivation tree

“I put a new one on my bulletin board every week.”
“They brighten up a my office and give me a little pick me up at the start of the week.”
“I keep a set at my desk at work, and will often share them with my co-workers.”
“I think these cards are great for showing appreciation. These cards are like a pat on the back, a cup of coffee, an indulgence.”

No matter who you are, use the power of these cards to focus on and validate the meaningful contributions that you make in the lives of children.

As a professional who influences children, harness this knowledge to reduce stress and stay connected with  your personal passion that articulates the value of your work.

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A percentage of the proceeds from these cards is being used to establish a fund for leaders in Early Childhood Education.

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